SPECIAL REPORT:Todays's Diet Tip: How Rachael Ray Dropped 25 Pounds & 4 Dress Sizes

This report was created by Fit Health Tips With Rachael to expose the truth behind a very weird diet trend that celebrities are raving about!
Rachael Ray - weird weight loss solution that is quickly gaining popularity in the United States and around the world.

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Consumer (FHT with Rachael) Forskolin is the latest buzz in the "battle of the bulge". With millions of people praising this so called "miracle pill" that you take as a supplement to lose weight, it has been getting a lot of attention since it was recently featured on The Dr. Oz Show. Surprisingly, many people who struggle daily with their weight have yet to hear about this powerful option. Those that have heard of Forskolin are confused about what it is, how to use it and how to avoid falling for ineffective formulas and downright scams.

According to Dr. Oz, Forskolin works in more way than one.. The first way it works is it causes the body to burn fat from within like a furnace, literally melting the fat away. The second feature, the most important, is after the Forskolin has burnt the fat, you’re left with the sleek, lean muscle that was buried underneath. The third feature is its ability to strengthen not only the muscles, but the bones as well.


"The Rapid Belly Melt for Every Body Type"

Hollywood Celebrities are using Forksolin to quickly lose weight without diet or exercise!

Well, we here at FHT with Rachael were a little skeptical of this Forskolin. Even after pouring though mountains of research, and 12-week clinical study. While I had an educated opinion, I still had no personal proof that the Forskolin option was worth the time. So, with my editors blessing, I decided to go out and put the product to the test myself. What better way to find out the truth than to conduct my own study?

To get started, I volunteered to be the guinea pig. I applied online for a bottle of Forskolin. Forskolin is one of the most credible and trustworthy diet supplement suppliers on the market. Another reason why I chose Forskolin was because it is the most concentrated and purest Forskolin on the market.

In a 12-week clinical study published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

  • Forskolin contains no stimulants.
  • Forskolin contains 20% Forskolin, the active ingredient that increases the metabolic rate.
  • Forskolin is proven to burn belly fat from within your body, boosting weight loss by more than 33.77%.
  • Studies have shown that daily Forskolin intake can increase lean muscle and increases bone density

Forskolin arrived within 4 days of having placed my order online.
The bottles I received held a month's worth of pills which worked out perfect as I was to follow the supplement routine for 4 weeks time and document my progress throughout.

My 4 Week Test: Forskolin

  1. For my test I took one Forskolin pill per day (in the morning)

My Results

Week One

After one week on the diet using Forskolin I was surprised at the dramatic results. My energy level was up, and I wasn’t even hungry, an apparent side effect which curbs the appetite.

I honestly felt fantastic.

I didn't even change anything about my daily routine. On day 7 I got on the scale and couldn’t believe my eyes. I had lost 7 lbs. But I still wasn't convinced as they say you lose a lot of water at the beginning of any diet. I wanted to wait and see the results in the upcoming weeks. But it sure was looking up! I now weighed under 140 lbs for the first time in years!


Week Two

After two weeks of using Forskolin, I started the week off with even more energy and was actually sleeping more soundly than before. I was no longer waking up during the night and tossing and turning because my body was actually able to relax. Plus I still managed to lose another 7 lbs., putting me at an unbelievable 14 lbs. of weight loss, in just 2 weeks.

I must admit that I'm starting to believe that this pill is more than just a gimmick..


Week Three

After 3 weeks all my doubts and skepticism had absolutely vanished! I am down 2 full dress sizes after losing another 6 lbs. and I still have a ton of energy. Quite often, around the third week of other diets, you tend to run out of steam. But with the Forskolin my energy levels don’t dip, but remain steady throughout the day. I no longer need that cat nap around 3pm in the afternoon! And I am even noticing that my stomach is digesting food so much better. No bloating or embarrassing gas after I eat!


Week Four

After the fourth week, my final results were shocking. I lost an unbelievable 25 lbs. since starting the Forskolin! Actually everyone at Women's Health is kicking themselves for not having volunteered to be the guinea pig. Using the Forskolin in week 4 I lost 5 more lbs. But to be honest I really didn’t have much more than that left to lose. And I am definitely going to continue taking Forskolin afterwards because it has so many antioxidants and vitamins that makes my skin look unbelievable.


"I couldn't be any happier with the results.

I Lost 25 lbs in 4 Weeks, No Special Diet, No Intense Exercise"


Conclusion: Like us, you might be a little doubtful about the effects of this pill, but you need to try it for yourself; the results are real. After conducting our own personal study we are pleased to see that people really are finding success with it (myself included). And you have nothing to lose. Follow the links to order your Forskolin I have provided and know that you are getting a quality product that works; no strings attached!

Good Luck with your weight loss!

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user comment

Posted by Diane

My friends and I have all been waiting for the Forskolin product to hit the news. At least 5 of us have all tried it and we all lost a bunch of weight. This stuff truly is incredible and has changed all of our lives. Good luck to everyone  who takes advantage of this wonderful opportunity.
user comment

Posted by Michelle

I’m currently on my 2nd month on this stuff and i have to say.. this stuff works and my results  are unbelieveable. Thank you so much for putting up this article and doing the test. Im taking advantage of this offer for sure!
user comment

Posted by Cara

I have been procrastinating for 2 months now on losing weight and today is the day I am gonna take action and get started. I’ve gone ahead and ordered the trial and am going to go do 30 minutes of exercising right now! Thanks Fit Health Tip for the motivation for get me started! Love, Cara
user comment

Posted by Michael

This product WORKS EVEN BETTER FOR MEN who want to lose weight!!! I am definitely going to get the trial offer before it expires! I have used this product before:) Thanks for sharing the tips and you should mention how great this diet is for us men too, don’t forget it next time. LOL!
user comment

Posted by Laura

There is a big stir going on these days about forskolin. I am seeing Forskolin all over.. they were giving out samples of a forskolin at the local grocery store and the stuff seemed to work in as littles as 10 days. I picked up 4 bottles of it and am gonna test out for the next 2 months. Thanks for the links.
user comment

Posted by Dorothee

My daughter has had weight issues since she was a baby and the doctor says we really need to get her on a diet so she can lose 8 Stone. I really hope this is the answer. Thank you Fit Health Tips.
user comment

Posted by Rhia

My husband and I both need to lose weight because we are going to be seeing family we haven’t seen in 25 years.  Already ordered it and we are both going to try this out, thanks. - The  Higgins family
user comment

Posted by Stephen

I’ve been seeing Forskolin diets all over. I even heard my mom talking about this diet a few days ago since one of her  friends has lost like 8 lbs in the first 15 days! I definately have to  try this, thanks. P.S. – for all male readers out there, I found out that this diet works for anyone. so give it a try! Yes it even works for your pet! It’s  that healthy!
user comment

Posted by Nancy

This stuff is amazing! My best friend Jessica did the same diet and lost an incredible amount of weight. i couldn’t  believe it and had to do some research on my own which is how I found  this news article. I can’t believe they are offering bonus trials! I know Jessica spent something like $600 and was thrilled.. imagine how  excited she would be if it cost her under $60.00. This is a godsend,  thanks so much!!
user comment

Posted by Amy

I was a bit skeptical when I first read about this but as I researched more and more I found out about Forskolin, it is indeed what Rachael Ray and many scientists say it is. It’s one of the  secret fat burner products that nobody seems to want to share. I wouldn’t be surprised many celebrities know about this. I requested the Forskolin 1 month  supply and I’m so excited! I cannot wait for it get here!
user comment

Posted by Wanda

A friend of mine did the Forskolin diet and recommended it to me 3 weeks ago. I ordered the product and received them within 3 days (although I didnt get the discounted shipping). The results have been incredible and I can’t wait to see what weeks 3 and 4 bring.
user comment

Posted by Nicole

This is an absolutely amazing breakthrough. I can’t thank the guys at NA enough! 24 lbs in a month!
user comment

Posted by Sam

I stand by this diet. I tried this diet a months ago and I can’t say enough about it. This diet helped me lose 28.5 lbs  and it completely changed my life. I highly recommend this diet to  ANYONE that’s looking to shred unnecessary fat.


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Rachael recently put Forskolin to the test. And the results were surprising:

She lost 25 lbs. in 4 weeks, with No Special Diet, and No Intense Exercise

The benefits of the Forskolin beat all of our initial skepticism. We found the diet not only helped with weight loss and getting rid of belly fat, but it seemed to boost energy levels, and also helped Rachael sleep better and to wake-up more rested.

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What Others Are Saying

All my friends kept telling me about how amazing this Forskolin stuff is. I've had trouble with my weight since middle school, so you can imagine how desperate I was to finally look and feel as great as my friends seemed to every summer. I finally tried Forskolin, and let me tell you, I will NEVER try another diet again! This stuff is incredible!

~ Jenna Los Angelas

As a mom of 3, I juggle work, kids, and all of life's other stresses on a daily basis. I've had extra weight on me ever since my first child, but no matter how hard I tried there was just never enough time to get out to the gym. A friend of mine bought me the Forskolin I couldn't believe it when I started dropping the weight! Thanks Forskolin - You're a real lifesaver!

~ Kristy New York, NY

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